Peace of mind knowing you have a Tru-Vue Pro:


So, you are driving down to the local shopping center, you stop at a red light.

As it turns green, you proceed, then out of nowhere, you are T-Boned by a car running a red light.

The driver in the other car claims his light was green, you know it wasn’t, so how do you prove you were in the right?

With a Tru-Vue Pro in car dash cam, it has recorded what really happened.

You can prove you were an innocent victim of a reckless driver.

Your insurance company, the police, and you will have a record of the accident, now if you didn’t have the in-car dash cam, how hard would it be to prove your innocence?

Insurance premium increases and legal costs now won’t be an added stress to the already stressful situation of getting your vehicle repaired.

With highways and freeways now becoming more congested road rage is now sadly becoming the norm these days. If you are a victim of someone’s rage and anger, you can record it for evidence.

Instances like these can be recorded, so if needed, can be used for a conviction. Even at night, your Tru-Vue camera could possibly capture those unexpected events, in high definition.

You can program your camera to start recording immediately after you start your vehicle. With Tru-Vue Pro in 24-hour parking mode, if your car is knocked or worse, broken into, the camera will start recording for 1 minute and then go back into parking mode.


Never miss those special moments:


Up-load your videos to You-Tube, Facebook or any social media, and share those moments with others. Whether it be on the highway, ski-field, or on the water, you never know what you will capture.

Could you imagine capturing that Meteorite screaming across the night sky, you could also be a witness to an event, that is once in a million chance of recording.

Don’t miss anything with your Tru-Vue Pro action camera.

With Tru-Vue Pro 360, you can catch everything your eyes cannot see at once. Thinking of selling your house, or car, capture everything in high definition, like a professional, upload it, and away you go, so easy.

Special events are a great way to share with family and friends, capture everything in 360° and record everything in a way not even your phone camera captures.

We invite you to see all the features each Tru-Vue Pro offers, and you decide what suits you, and your family.


If you are not completely satisfied with your Tru-Vue Pro, simply return within 30 days, in the original packaging, and undamaged, and we will gladly refund you the full amount, less return shipping and handling.


Record the life you lead.

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