4 Differences Between Action Camera and Ordinary Camera


The change that action camera brings to sports photography is enormous, it has incomparable advantage over ordinary camera. Although both are cameras, there are some differences between action camera and ordinary camera.


1. Shooting Angle

Compared to ordinary camera, the biggest difference of action camera is the shooting angle. In short, action camera is more for selfie while the ordinary camera is more for taken photos for others. With a action camera, sports participants can be the one in a photo and can also be the one who take the photo, and ordinary camera user is difficult to take a photo of himself in sports. As action camera can be installed in special places such as a surfboard, sportsman’s body and so on, so the action camera can shoot video more vivid.




2. Appearance 

Action camera appearance is very small, so it is more convenient for carrying and installing in special places. Take Tru-Vue Pro 9067 for example, the size is 41x59x21/30 mm, much smaller than an adult's hand, weight is about 80G. But ordinary camera’s body is very heavy, not to mention the sports professional photography requires more heavy camera equipment.






3. Lens

Because action camera is for sports, most action camera lens are fisheye lens. Fisheye lens is a short focal length, viewing angle is close to or equal to 180 DEG and focal-length is 16mm lens or less. It is an extreme wide-angle lens, "fisheye" it is commonly known name. In order to make the lens to achieve maximum photographic view., action camera lens before the lens diameter and a parabolic to lenses on the front convex, and quite similar to fish eyes, hence it got the name "fisheye". Fisheye lens is a special ultra-wide angle lens, it perspective view strive to reach or beyond the scope human eye can see.  




4. Performance

The action camera is more for skiing, surfing, biking and extreme sports such as skydiving, that’s why action cameras have many excellent performance common camera doesn’t have. Waterproof, shockproof, and heat resistance are the important parameter for the action camera. While the ordinary camera with the development of science and technology, waterproof and other functions are also more and more high, but overall performance is certainly not as good as action camera

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